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Brenda Varela
UX/UI Designer
Digital & Physical Experiences

Hi! I'm Brenda Varela


In the past, I have designed physical experiences through interactive exhibit design and architecture that provided me with a holistic approach to design. My craving curiosity to learn and to be involved in the latest technology trends has taken me into the design of digital experiences that are more flexible and can reach a much larger audience.

Experienced in both consumer and enterprise facing products, I see design as an essential tool to face and solve challenges in most aspects of our lives. I focus on following the best design process to solve users biggest challenges and create engaging experiences on the web, mobile devices, and beyond. My work aims to understand people through a user-centered design methodology to generate, embrace and execute on new ideas.

I am very active and when I am not designing you can find me running or practicing other sports like tennis, sailing, surfing or skiing.

I would love to hear your stories and share mine.

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