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Client Engagement Center


Professional service firms need a way to easily interact with their clients, like exchanging documents and information, reviewing contracts or sign off document approvals, to be more efficient on their workflow as well as to provide a great customer experience to their clients.


The client-firm interaction during client engagements is often a messy one. On a daily basis firms and clients exchange information, sign approvals, contracts or invoices and keep both parties up to date on the progress of their engagements. This exchange of information often takes place through multiple emails or cumbersome client portals. As a result, the wrong documents get exchanged leading to delays and a constantly increasing WIP (Work In Progress)


A client engagement platform for smart document management that provides deep visibility into your collaborative work with streamlined document exchange management, dynamic invoicing, client behavior and team productivity analysis so firms and clients can have a complete understanding of the engagement and team’s activity.

Set deadlines to track each document's activity history and version control.

Client Engagement Center - Manager View

Real-time status of every deliverable with direct access to each deliverable’s checklist. 


From getting invoices approved and paid faster to communicate with the team, assigning a task to a teammate or getting approval of an out of scope item, the platform allows connecting all the interaction with the client to keep all the information and workflow well organized.

Client Engagement Center - Manager View

Fast and accurate security sharing to easily inspect and edit specific client file access securely with automatic smart removal access of all files for individuals who have left the firm.

Client Engagement Center - Manager View

Smart alerts notify the team members of unusual client behavior so they can take the appropriate action.

Client Engagement Center - Manager View

Dynamic invoicing allows for annotated back and forth negotiation between client and firm.

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Based on activity within the platform firm executives can get a complete understanding of their team’s workflows and behavior to enhance the firm’s productivity.

Client Engagement Center - Partner View
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